Missing in Time--A Titanic Anniversary Book 

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People are Saying Nice Things

I had wanted to read Missing in Time by Catherine Harriott for a long while. So glad I got the chance to finally read it.

The author wrote Missing in Time with great skill and polished research. Oh, and ... the ending really made me smile.

“Writing voice is gorgeous – really vivid and contemporary and lively.” Kathryn Price, Cornerstones

“Narration is immediate, dynamic and convincing . . . Sally is a really engaging, pro-active heroine.” Sandra Glover, YA Author

Missing in Time

An American girl
A British boy
100 years between them on the same day...

Who is Sally Soforth?

Find out in

A British story about an American girl

Artist: Stuart Ball.

Missing in Time is set in this tiny seaside village.

Book Details

Sally Soforth is struggling to survive. Shes fallen into another time, another place, and only a forbidden friendship with Adrian Merryweather, a young footman, is helping her cope with the harsh life of a servant she’s tumbled into. 

Why has this happened to her? And will she ever get back to her own time? Can she even think about finding a way back now? Now that she’s discovered the family she cares for is in danger.

Can Sally and Adrian help them before it’s too late? Or by going back in time has Sally ruined everything?

Another Time, Another Place

Missing in Time is set in 1912. From the horseless carriage to man on the moon. From a wind-up gramophone to a touch screen tablet. So much has changed.

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